Read First, Speak later

For Vrij Nederland, with Wefilm Concepts

The internet is filled with millions of voices that all have something to say. Each voice has its own perspective of the world and wishes for other voices to speak with them. Some voices are louder than others but speak too soon.

Giving an opinion on the internet seems easy, but it can lead to one of the biggest arguments and misunderstandings you’ve ever had. 

But the question you should ask yourself and others, have you really done your research?

Vrij Nederland is a Dutch magazine that believes we should read up on the topics of our interest, before we jump to conclusions. Vrij Nederland doesn’t take the news lightly and dives deeper into subjects such as health care, education, the housing market and the economy. The idea of the magazine is to give your opinion a second look by reading the magazine. We took this idea to create an image of what could happen if you let your thoughts run free.   

We’ve asked people to read out opiniated tweets on Twitter to show you how unreliable some of these statements can be. Although we value our freedom of speech, let’s take a moment to do research. Because in the end, an opinion is not a fact.

To uncover the world is to discover yourself


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