Snelle x KNVB

For ROQ 'N Rolla Music, with Wefilm Concepts

In Snelle’s latest videoclip we follow a young boy on his quest to become the Netherlands’ next giant in football.

In these uncertain times it’s nice to escape reality every now and then. Things are hard enough already, so why not lose yourself in hopes and dreams - wild visions of how life should or could be? Films can be confrontational, thought-provoking and philosophical. But it can also be pure entertainment, a way to escape from the grim claws of reality and a way to look at the lighter side of life. A healthy portion of reality keeps us in check, but hopes and dreams push us forward.

And nobody dreams as hard as kids do. They imagine their future with ambition, with hope; without bounds or constraints. They can see themselves as astronauts and superheroes. Or nowadays as rappers and football players. So when you can make a film with the hottest star in music and the Dutch National Team, it’s the perfect combination to show the power of imagination.

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