The engine of addiction

For Porsche, with ACHTUNG!

Is driving a Porsche addictive?

Every second our brain is subconsciously looking for its next fix. Whether it be coffee, junk food or chocolate, each and everyone of us is indulging a (guilty) pleasure from time to time. But it doesn't remain limited to pleasure: we sure as hell know it’s better to not give in to our addictions, so when drinking yet another cup of coffee we experience a little fear, which gives us a shot of adrenaline. We feel we're living on the edge.

This is a great feature of which a lot of brands benefit. But what about a supercar? Can a Porsche have those characteristics of addiction? In a scientific research study conducted by Neurensics we found out that it does: our brain experiences the same reward from a Porsche as it does from addictive things.

Technically this means one doesn't even need to see a Porsche driving by to experience the desire to drive one themselves. It is exactly this fact that we took and played with in the film. We tried to spark the human brain into addictiveness for a Porsche, just by showing parts of it and by playing the signature Porsche soundtrack: the roaring engine. Thanks to the amazing combination of on set lighting and sound design it isn't until the final scene that one realizes that the uncontrollable need to drive a Porsche is turned on by our picture vehicle that hasn't driven one single inch during the entire shoot.


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