The graduation speech

For NTI, with Wefilm Concepts

NTI is truly proud of their students, so let's give them the graduation speech they deserve.

NTI is a company that offers a wide variety of flexible self-studies in the Netherlands, whether it being a master’s degree or a short three-month course. You can follow them all from the comfort of your own home, and completely in your own time.

This gives students great freedom but it also asks a great deal from them. They have to have true willpower, focus and determination to accomplish their goals. Balancing their study with often very busy home lives, kids, day jobs, careers or social lives. They lead almost a double life.

In this campaign NTI shines a spotlight on its students, and gives them the credit they deserve. We follow three real NTI students and see how they manage to balance their everyday lives with their studies. We see them working in all sorts of places and in all sorts of times. A mother with a family manages to study in the late hours of a camping trip, a talented young athlete studies in between training sessions and young strong-minded girl studies while working on a construction side. Real people with real lives.

The honest film conveys a message that NTI feels very strong about; that NTI is truly proud of their students. That message is conveyed through a speech given by a real teacher to the students.

It being the first film of a new campaign, we incorporated powerful style elements to make it firmly NTI branded. From prism lights taken from the NTI logo and school photo settings to show a person’s double life.

We could say we’re just as proud of this film as NTI is of its students.


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