The man who dared to fly

For Campina, with TBWA/NEBOKO

The aim of this project was to give Epke Zonderland a boost for his final Olympic Games and show him gratitude from all over the Netherlands, for his outstanding performances and hard work.

Epke Zonderland, also known als the Flying Dutchman, gave us lots of amazing sport moments. We’ll never forget his Olympic achievement on the horizontal bar in 2012 as the first gymnast to complete three flight elements without any errors. 
On behalf of all citizens of the Netherlands we wanted to give something back. This resulted in a personal video which included unforgettable moments of his career, paired with beautiful words from his beloved ones. Together with his family, we also collected old video tapes with fragments of Epke practising gymnastics from a young age. This trip down memory lane made it very special and possible for us to get a glimpse of Epke’s life. 
After producing this video, we waited for Epke to show up on his final practise for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The deafening silence of the empty sports hall, with our crew waiting in the dark, created a nerve wrecking moment. At a certain point, Epke arrived and watched his personalised video. The beautiful and encouraging words of his friends and family genuinely touched him and gave him strength to prepare for his last big performance. Our goal was achieved and we hope that with this video, he has got a special memento to cherish. 
We wish Epke the best of luck with this year's Olympics, and after!


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