The most unwanted business card

For Stivoro, with Wefilm Concepts

Say hello to your future medical appointment caused by smoking

On World-Not-Smoking-Day, a group of 7 medical specialists write an open letter to their fellow colleagues. They strongly appeal to a stronger stand against smoking and to more actively help smokers to quit. In The Netherlands only, there’s a casualty every 30 minutes caused by an illness as a consequence of smoking, the biggest modern threat for public health.

The seven doctors and Stivoro asked Wefilm to help raise awareness by showing how medical specialist more actively start a conversation and offer help. We developed a concept in which the medical specialists offer their business card to smoking people in public. After a short chit-chat, smokers are invited for an appointment. It’s all up to them whether is about how to stop or how to live with an illness caused by the tobacco they are enjoying.

Like the Tobacco Industries Ugly Truth we made last year, a new twist on the anti-smoking movement.

Media exposure: NOS, RTL News, Lindanieuws, Parool


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