The result of a heart attack right in your face

For Hartstichting, with Kingsday

One cardiac arrest turns hundreds of lives upside down

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death for women. The Hartstichting sounds the alarm to make it clear that even young, healthy women die of heart failure.

By asking Marjolein's loved ones and others involved in her passing to reconstruct that day and to tell us about their feelings now, the Hartstichting shows that a lot of people are affected by her death and that the impact is huge.

What did the fireman do when he entered the house? What did the neighbors see that morning? How did Marjolein's mother react when she saw her daughter for the last time in the hospital? Is her husband moving on or still feeling very sad? And did her best friend see this coming? All have been affected by Marjolein’s death in their own way.

To make the impact tangible we chose to interview everyone on a location that was relevant for their connection to either Marjolein or her death. With a quiet background we filmed them looking straight into the lens. The result is a simplicity and intensity that ensure that the message of the Hartstichting - every day the lives of hundreds of people are turned upside down - clearly comes across.


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