The secret of success

For Interpolis, with Wefilm Concepts

No pain, no gain. Give everything!

Interpolis strives to help prevent negative life changing events in living, health, traffic and entrepreneurship. After living and traffic, we now focussed on the health of Millennials. Their mental health specifically. 1 in 5 young adults suffer from serious mental health complaints impacting their daily lives with the possibility of leading up to a burn-out.

Interpolis starts a program in collaboration with different kind of professionals to search for solutions. To do so, they need different groups of Millenials that want to help in finding solutions by participating in different initiatives. Interpolis asked us to help raising attention for the urge of the problem and calling Millenials to subscribe for the Secret of Succes program.

The big challenge was that there’s no single cause for mental issues you can easily pinpoint. There’s not a very clear causal relation. Social media for instance can be a catalyst, but is never the cause. What pushes your limits differs from person to person individually. It can be work, friends, family, kids. This made it really hard to make a film that covers the problem correctly. The problem is not striving for perfection; it’s how we handle the process of getting there.  

That’s why we choose to make a film where a motivational coach and former world champion Judo, Edith Bosch, talks about the secrets of success. Universal rules to be successful no matter who you are. What seems to be ingredients of success, are in fact the biggest pitfalls when we handle them the wrong way. With a short social experiment, Edith shows how easily we can push ourselves in the wrong direction.

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