The stress test

For Nivea, with Labamba

We made people sweat buckets so we could offer them a 48-hour deodorant

To introduce Nivea’s new 48-hour deodorant, we devised a plan that would make anyone sweat. In this elaborate hidden camera prank, innocent bystanders were made to believe that they were the country’s most wanted criminal.

We are particularly proud of this film because we were able to create a subtle narrative within the hidden camera prank genre. Too often the genre involves a lot of show, flash mobs and steamrolling techniques that aim at startling or surprising a poor confused victim. Instead, we chose a participatory scheme that offers a varied pallet of emotions and allows the audience to identify with the main character. 

The first question someone usually asks about this shoot is: “Are those actors or real people?” None of the prank victims were actors. The people around them however were extras. The targets were selected weeks beforehand and they were lured to the airport with fake tickets and an offer they could not resist. We were able to maintain control of the situation with the help of an accomplice: a friend accompanying the victim to the airport. The friend guided the victim to the right spot and during a supposed toilet break the poor soul was ours to play with!


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