The super powers of a receptionist


The most unexpected situations bring out the most unexpected heros

Imagine being on the far side of the world. Let’s say New Zealand. And you find yourself in a hotel suite on Christmas Eve with your first born baby and all of the restaurants are full, your child is filling up diapers in a high speed tempo and all you want is to enjoy your family during Christmas. Wouldn’t it be nice when your hotel manager would help you celebrate your babies first Christmas? Even when it’s not her job? Would someone like that qualify for a hero?

Imagine yourself in a far away country like Uganda. Far away from your family and friends, and all of the sudden, against all reason, the wild idea of getting married right there and then comes to mind. Wouldn’t it be super nice when someone helped you with arranging the bear necessities for a wedding? Even though it’s not even remotely their job to do so. Or what to do when you’re struck by a heart attack when on vacation... What in the world are you gonna do when you’re in panic, when you don’t speak the language, the mentality is different and you're afraid… Scared shitless to what might happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone takes care of you when you most need it? Someone who goes above and beyond? Even when it’s not their obligation.

Would someone like that qualify for a hero? When your hotel clerk, receptionist, janitor, assistant, manager or poolboy goes above and beyond to make your stay an unforgettable one? We invited the world to share their hero stories with us and these were the three stories that we found best...

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