The tobacco industry’s unknown ugly truth

For Stivoro, with Wefilm Concepts

What if the tobacco industry tells the naked ugly truth?

Research from TNS NIPO shows that we are well aware how unhealthy smoking is, but a large part of both smokers and non-smokers have no idea just how the tobacco industry is misleading them in smart and sneaky ways. We chose to turn things around. What would happen if everyone at a tobacco company told the truth? Literally.

Imagine a Friday afternoon on an intern’s last day with the company. There’s drinks, appetizers, and an easy-going ambiance. And obviously a manager giving a corny speech. All sounds familiar, right? Except everyone tells the truth, in the starkest, most naked way possible. And it's ugly, awkward, and painful. Especially hearing it from people working for an industry that makes money off of 20,000 deaths and 100 new addicted kids each year in the Netherlands? A product that’s the number 1 cause of death in The Netherlands.

Together with Stivoro, we hope the ugly truth in this film will be an eye-opener.


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