This time we’ve got your back

For ING, with Wefilm Concepts

Supporting the inspirational courage of social entrepreneurs

In 2015 ING launched the ING Netherlands Foundation to support social entrepreneurs. As part of ING’s social initiative, they offer resources, knowledge, and networks to help social entrepreneurs grow. ING wanted to give the stage to entrepreneurs supported by the ING Netherlands Foundation, to inspire and motivate others considering starting a company to better society. Anyone can make a difference, but it all starts with you. 

We wanted to avoid just another entrepreneur’s portrait like those we’ve already seen time and again on the Internet. How can we inspire viewers with a powerful entrepreneur’s story? First we focused on the person instead of his or her business, showing both courage and vulnerability. Secondly, we asked family and friends to talk about the entrepreneurs, instead of letting them talk about themselves. Thirdly, we let the family and friends speak directly to the main character while standing behind him or her. Social entrepreneurs stand with people in need, and this time we stood with them.

The result is a powerful portrait of the entrepreneur in all his or her vulnerability and gratitude, emboldened by the words of his or her loved ones while also being slightly uncomfortable with the momentary loss of control. We see family and friends telling the entrepreneur’s admirable story through their eyes, empowering him or her and showing that good ideas deserve to be carried out. Because in the end, through trial and error, you can make a bigger difference than you ever imagined.   


Billy, world saviour


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