To uncover the world is to discover yourself

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Rediscovering yourself through experiencing a life changing travel.

To uncover the world is to discover yourself. In order to prove travel makes you discover yourself, sent out an open invitation into the world in order to look for people who want to experience a life changing travel. Out of a thousand applications 2 stories were selected.

The Phelans are a family of 5 who always dreamt of a vacation abroad. But despite working 7 days a week and saving every penny for years, Ollie and Julie were never able to afford a honeymoon, let alone a proper family holiday for their 3 kids. Even worse was the fact that due to the heavy work load of Ollie, the family felt disconnected and rarely spent any time together. In a two week road trip around the Balkans the Phelans for fill their travel bucket list. They reconnect and rediscover their love for one another as father Ollie finally is able to give Julie her long promise of a honeymoon.

Lucy Lee has a hard time growing up. Due to circumstances she developed a social anxiety that started to dominate every aspect of her life. It became so bad she was afraid to venture beyond her own door step. On the other side of the world lived Lizzy Lao. A Japanese girl struggling to find her place in the wold. Pressured by society Lizzy did exactly what her family expected of her. Get a stable job and look for a man to get married as soon as possible. But unable to settle at this point Lizzy decided to brake away from tradition and discover herself through travel. On the steps of the Andes, in rural Chile, the two girls meet. They face their fear of the wild (and of horses) in order to venture out into the mountains in order to retrieve a lost alpaca. It would be the start of a unique friendship. 

Though these real life stories was able to show the magic of travel. We challenge ourselves and venture outside of our comfort zone in order to discover something about ourselves that was lost. In doing so the lives of the people that were filmed were forever changed. 


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