Two cheesy commercials

For Maaslander, with Wefilm Concepts

Meet the creators of "Kaasmakers" cheese

Mr. Olieman and Mr. van Dieijen were born with cheese in their hands. Their ancestors made cheese, their parents made cheese, and now they make cheese themselves. They both have their own distinctive methods for creating unique flavor.

To inform people that they can now find this authentic cheese in the Dutch supermarkets, we made two documentary commercials, one for each farmer. We portray them on their farms and tell their own unique stories.

Since first and foremost this is a story about craftsmanship, we wanted the film to look ‘handmade’. So we skipped digital filming and went on to use vintage film craft. We dusted off our old 16mm film camera and shot it on good old film. We loved doing it, and we think it looks great. Watch them and judge for yourself.


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