What if your house is a living, breathing thing?

For ENGIE, with Wefilm Concepts

Sometimes the world is more clear through the imagination of a child. A child that doesn’t see the house she lives in as an object, but rather as a friend. Its an interesting thought to see ones house as a pet.

Something to take care of, and not to take for granted. It’s a simple premise that can only be seen through the imaginative perspective of a child. Take care of your house and it will take care of you. With this premise in mind we created this film together with ENGIE. 

In this energetic and heart warming film we show the relationship between the energy of a young girl and her house. We discover the world through the song in her head, and we follow her as she switches off all wasted energy. She wants green and local energy, and she doesn’t want to take it for granted. She leads by example as in doing so she teaches us that small changes in your daily habits make a big difference. Our local energy is precious. Let’s not take it for granted. 


A million solar panels on my roof? I’m in!


The graduation speech