WhatsApp love story

For KPN, with N=5

What happens when you read WhatsApp conversations out loud?

Through WhatsApp, people often say things that they would never have said in everyday conversations. And that’s great, as it apparently helps everyone - especially us, rigid and cold Dutchies - to say things we always wanted to say. But wouldn’t it be even more beautiful if we would say these things out loud? At least once in a while? During Christmas time for example.

With KPN and N=5, we raised the question: “What happens if you read your WhatsApp conversations out loud?” We asked ordinary people to bring a beloved one ánd a smartphone to our studio and to repeat a WhatsApp conversation they recently had. Out loud, face to face. Watch Raymen’s endearing story about missing his father, Merel’s words to thank her mother for babysitting and Faye’s apology for being angry sometimes. Their stories touched our hearts.

For us, it proves that virtual communication can never replace real contact. And we will promise to put away our smartphone upcoming Christmas. At least during turkey dinner.


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