Why wait to say something beautiful

For Dela, with Blossom

A next chapter in saying something beautiful to the ones you love

Why wait to say something beautiful if you can say it today. The most beautiful words are spoken when our loved aren’t here anymore. In 2012 we took a first initiative to show the effect of saying beautiful words. Seven years later, the importance of affectionate human connection has only grown more relevant. That’s why Dela still wanted to address the importance of being there for each other.

In 2012, we focussed on the emotion of the one who surprises her or his loved ones. This time, we chose to focus on the one who is surprises with beautiful words. In short, we shifted from the speaker to the listener. We really wanted to focus on the pure human emotions, so we kept the setting as simple as possible.

With a special mirror-construction we made sure both the speaker and the listener looks into the camera, but at the same time, make direct eye-contact with each other. The films are broadcasted on TV, cinema and online.


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